To some, these Dog Guides are their eyes, to others, their means to live independently. Help more Canadians receive a Dog Guide at no cost by participating in the
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Dog Tales

Alex & Nara
Alex & Nara, Richmond Hill, ON

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness at a young age, Alex and his parents tried numerous approaches to help manage his blood sugar. As he got older, Alex’s diabetes became harder to manage and hospital trips became more frequent. He and his family learned about the Diabetic Alert Dog Guide program at Lions Foundation of Canada and put in an application. Alex was one of the first in Canada to receive a Diabetic Alert Dog Guide and graduated with Nara on World Diabetes Day.

Nara’s powerful nose has been keeping Alex safe since they were paired at the Dog Guides training centre in Oakville, Ontario. She detects drops in his blood sugar and alerts him so that he can test and eat something sweet if needed. As a senior in high school with plans to attend college next year, Alex and his family are confident that Nara will provide the extra help that Alex needs. “I finally have peace of mind because I know she will alert me to my lows night and day.” says Alex.

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